Abacast Distributed Live

Abacast Distributed Live 2.3

Abacast Distributed Live - a browser plug-in to play Abacast-enabled streams
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Abacast, Inc.

Abacast Distributed Live is a browser plug-in that allows you to play Abacast-enabled streams.
By using this plug-in, your computer will be able to play streaming content from a number of TV and radio stations, or from dedicated private servers that use this service to stream their content. Abacast technology seizes the unused bandwidth of clients’ computers to create a Distributed Streaming Network that can deliver high quality media on more stable connections, while reducing bandwidth requirements.

Actually, this tool uses Windows Media Player to play its content. It acts as a link between your preferred browser and Windows Media Player, which will open in the browser itself or in a separate window.

The plug-in will install in your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, and will not show you any icon or any other evidence of being there. You will know that it is there as soon as you try to access an Abacast-enabled site. Most sites are using this technology because it offers a commercial quality service, allowing an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, both for live and on demand streaming.

Abacast Distributed Live is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 11.

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